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Over the past few years, Dainese and AGV have received many THANKS from customers for the protection their products provided following accidents of falls.
For this reason, we decided to create the Thanks Dainese/Thanks AGV project to demonstrate the faith that fans of the little red devil and of the AGV legendary helmets have in our products, and to underline the fact that these products have saved lives and prevented severe injuries.

Now you too can tell your story, and spread the message that wearing certified protections really does make a difference.

Send us your story now!


Take part in the Thanks Dainese/Thanks AGV project! Tell us your story to let everyone know how the Dainese and AGV products protected you effectively!


Read the stories from other members of the #dainesecrew and #agvrider communities, see the photos and videos uploaded by the users!

35 years - Shoreview, United States

Crash: 05-09-2016 /  Shoreview - Minnesota - United States
While on a single lane entry ramp to a 4 lane highway, I was hit from behind and along my right side by a 2004 buick lesabre. He hit me while i was looking over my left shoulder an...
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Products used: AGV K3-SV, Dainese Super Speed Perforated jacket, Dainese GP gloves

David McCutcheon
35 years - Stafford , United Kingdom

Crash: 21-07-2016 /  Stafford - England - United Kingdom
On a rare Staffordshire sunny afternoon whilst out on my bike I managed to take a bad line round a corner and lost control of my bike. I came of the back at about 60 mph landed on ...
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Stuart Andrew
25 years - Newport, United Kingdom

Crash: 10-07-2016 /  Wales - United Kingdom
Was out on a nice leisurely ride on a Sunday. Went round a blind corner at the speed limit of 30mph to find a car parked in my lane, not an issue i'll just do some hard braking but...
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Gareth Mayfield
47 years - Macclesfield, United Kingdom

Crash: 17-07-2016 /  England - United Kingdom
I was stationary when hit from behind by a car at 36mph. ( he had a insurance tracker). I was dragged down the road with my bike on top of me. Just a broken collar bone which is amazingly lucky. Few grazes, but the kit was brilliant.
Products used: Dainese leather jacket and Dainese jeans

Antonio Malferrari
20 years - Toowoomba, Australia

Crash: 23-05-2016 /  Esk - Queensland - Australia
Going through a Corning coming in too wide, I hit some loose gravel on the road then my back wheel starting wobbling hen one thing led to another I had a lowside. My foot got stuck on the rear wheel as the bike was dragging me to the concrete barrier.

Martina Bauhaus
47 years - Moers, Germany

Crash: 17-06-2016 /  Meiselding - Kärnten - Österreich
In einer scharfen Rechtskurve hatte der Regen vom Vortag Sand auf die Fahrbahn gespült. Da der Kurveneingang im Schatten lag, war der Sand nicht zu erkennen. Mit 60 km/h das Vorde...
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Products used: D-air Street Jacket

65 years - Traralgon, Australia

Crash: 11-03-2016 /  Traralgon - Victoria - Australia
I bought a jacket after shoulder surgery (not bike related, I’ve done over 275,000kms since 2009) in August 2015 and finally got back on the bike in December. Bottom line I had ...
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Products used: Dainese Leather Jacket

Chris Stayer
42 years - Greenville, United States

Crash: 06-05-2016 /  17555 Tapoco Road, Robbinsville, NC 28771, United States
I was riding with some friends, we started our weekend trip heading north from Greenville south Carolina to US 129 the tail of the dràgon. We were having a great day we just finis...
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Products used: AVRO D1 2 PIECE SUIT

Carlo Kok
35 years - George , South Africa

Crash: 21-05-2016 /  Herolds Bay - Western Cape - South Africa
I was going for a small ride and as I was getting towards an intersection an pickup truck came out of the road turning into the road i was traveling . It was late afternoon and the...
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Products used: AGV K-5

Gianmario Facchi
50 years - Rudiano , Italy

Crash: 25-04-2016 /  Ponte San Marco - Lombardia - Italia
È successo a mio figlio stava tornando da una gita il 25-4-2016 quando un auto che proveniva in senso contrario è che all improvviso svotava nei pressi di una strada investendo i...
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Andreas Becker
31 years - Waltrop, Germany

Crash: 05-05-2016 /  Witten - Nordrhein-Westfalen - Deutschland
Sturz mit Mountainbike. Mit dem Rücken auf einen Stein gestürzt.
Products used: PRO PACK

Bryan McMonagle
35 years - Auburn, United States

Crash: 15-04-2016 /  Perimeter Road - Manchester - New Hampshire - United States
Beware the Beaver. It's hard to explain this to people without garnering a chuckle or hilarious lewd comment. On nice evenings I ride around for a while to relax and blow off s...
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Products used: SPORT GUARD

Luca Vitali
23 years - Bellaria, Italy

Crash: 16-04-2016 /  Assen - Drenthe - Paesi Bassi
Durante le prove ufficiali ho colpito un pilota appena caduto davanti a me ad una velocità di circa 120-140km/h, la moto si è impennata e sono caduto sul fianco sinistro per poi ...
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Alessandro Rani
52 years - San Lazzaro di Savena, Italy

Crash: 12-04-2016 /  Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi - Bazzano - Italia
Ero fermo in colonna sulla bazzanese ( bo), quinto in colonna per esattezza, in attesa che la fila ripartisse, da dietro mi è piombata una bmw serie 5 ai 50-60 km/h tamponandomi, ...
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Products used: Dainese D-air Street Jacket, NEW GALVESTONE GORE-TEX®, Dainese Boots

Anna RedSpade
34 years - Gainesville, United States

Crash: 20-03-2016 /  Barber Motorsports Parkway - Leeds - Alabama - United States
Last month I had my first lowside at the track. As far as crashes go I suppose it was one of those best type of scenarios. I was in full lean chasing a friend in a slow but tight c...
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Products used: PISTA GP E2205 MULTI - GRAN PREMIO ROSSO, FULL METAL D1, Dainese Torque RS out boots, Dainese Laguna Seca Evo, Dainese Shield Air Level 2

Louis Citeau
25 years - Villeurbanne , France

Crash: 19-07-2015 /  Villeurbanne
L'été dernier dans un col j'ai perdu l'arrière de ma moto dans une sortie de courbe sur du bitume glissant et brûlant.
Products used: Dainese Avro C2 Jacket, DELTA PRO EVO C2 PELLE, Torque RS Out boots, Carbon Cover gloves

Sera Williamson
33 years - Melbourne, Australia

Crash: 12-03-2016 /  Broadford-Flowerdale Road - Broadford - Victoria - Australia
Lowside around double apex, going approximately 150kph Bike slid out from under me, I went tumbling - whacked my head and my left hand and right forearm took the brunt of the f...
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Products used: VELOSTER 2 PIECE LADY SUIT, VELOCE LADY, WAVE D1 AIR, Dainese Avant Race lady boots, K-5 E2205 MONO - MATT BLACK

Leon Hoitinga
28 years - Hoogeveen, Netherlands

Crash: 13-03-2016 /  Hoogeveen - Drenthe - Nederland
My rear wheel slipped away and crashed via the curb into the woods. Due to my Dainese Combi I had very little injury's.

Julian Radschinski
21 years - Königswinter, Germany

Crash: 01-03-2016 /  Königswinter - Nordrhein-Westfalen - Deutschland
Ich fuhr auf einer Straße, auf der ein Ölfleck war. Das Hinterrad rutschte auf dem Öl weg und ich rutschte ca 30m über den Asphalt. Es gibt schlimmere Unfälle, aber die Schür...
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Products used: LAGUNA SECA D1 2PCS SUIT, Dainese Giro ST, Dainese Druids ST, WAVE D1 AIR, PISTA GP AGV E2205 SOLID - CARBON

Mike Gosselin
38 years - Callaway, United States

Crash: 20-02-2016 /  Talladega - Alabama - United States
On 20 Feb 2016, I entered to race in C Superbike with one of the best racing organizations in the states, WERA. This was my second race of the day. Since this was my first time at ...
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Products used: AGV Grid, Dainese Laguna Seca Pro suit

Dean Turner
30 years - Colchester, United Kingdom

Crash: 29-01-2016 /  Colchester - England - United Kingdom
I was going right at a mini roundabout and a 4x4 coming from the left going straight across didn't slow down for the roundabout as he didn't see me. Full impact on my left side, I ...
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Products used: AGV K-4

26 years - Iasi, Romania

Crash: 18-11-2015 /  Bulevardul Constantin Alexandru Rosetti - Iași - Județul Iași - Romania
I low sided after exiting a turn. I fell off the bike straight on my back, slid on the pavement for a while, tumbled a couple of times after, got up and felt fine. My left shoul...
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Max Hendrickx
22 years - Roermond, Netherlands

Crash: 20-10-2015 /  Oranjelaan - Roermond - Limburg - Nederland
I was riding through the roundabound where when I pushed the throttle, my rear tire lost its grip and when it regained it, I got chucked of the bike. I think my speed at that m...
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Products used: K-5 E2205 MONO - BLACK

Gareth Butt
28 years - Kent, United Kingdom

Crash: 26-10-2015 /  A2 - Bexley - United Kingdom
On a very damp morning a car pulled in front of me in the fast lane leaving me no room then performed an emergency stop. Obviously him coming to a complete stop in front of me was ...
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Products used: AGV helmet, Dainese gloves and Dainese boots

Samet Ince
26 years - Rotterdam, Netherlands

Crash: 25-05-2015 /  Terlamen - Heusden-Zolder - België
I was racing at Circuit Zolder in Belgium that day. When I was riding out of the Jack Ickx turn in the 5th lap, the rear tire hit the curves and slipped away. I was going to make a...
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Products used: Dainese Talos leather suit, Dainese back protector, Dainese Torque RS out, Dainese Druids ST Gloves.

Marco Manuzzi
22 years - Cesena, Italy

Crash: 11-08-2014 /  Località Compito - Compito - Toscana - Italia
Domenica 10 Agosto 2014, ore 14:30. Durante un giro in collina ho perso il controllo della mia moto (Yamaha RD 350LC II) durante l'ingresso in un tornante nei pressi del passo del...
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Ivan Goi
35 years - Viadana, Italy

Crash: 19-07-2015 /  Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari, Via Fratelli Rosselli, 2, Imola, Bologna, Italy
Domenica scorsa a Imola ho avuto l'onore,se così si può chiamare,di sperimentare l'apertura del D-AIR sulla mia tuta. Mancavano 5 giri alla fine della gara e all'uscita della va...
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Roberto Usai
42 years - Milano , Italy

Crash: 30-08-2014 /  Autodromo del Mugello, Senni-San Carlo, 15, 50038 Scarperia e San Piero FI, Italia
Dal 2013 che l'ho acquistata la D-Air Racing mi ha salvato in tre occasioni, una delle quali dall'esito potenzialmente drammatico. All'uscita della curva Correntaio del Mugello son...
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Dag A.
39 years - Oslo, Norway

Crash: 16-07-2015 /  Fosser, Aurskog-Høland, Norway
One moment I was enjoying B roads in the outbacks, the next I remember was waking up in the emergency ward later in the evening. Can't even remember the helicopter ride, unlucky me...
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Products used: RACING D1 PELLE

Brant Williams
33 years - Los Angeles, United States

Crash: 21-08-2015 /  West Hollywood - California - United States
I was riding home from work through a busy area of Los Angeles when a drunk pedestrian decided to try to run across 4 lanes of traffic. She darted right in front of my bike and th...
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Products used: AIR CRONO TEX

Toby Khamsouk
12 years - Banning, United States

Crash: 01-03-2015 /  Grange Motor Circuit, Central Rd, Apple Valley, CA 92307, United States
During a race on my Honda NSR50 minibike it started to rain and I pushed on. I was in a left hand turn when I hit a puddle of water I crashed low side and I was swung onto the tra...
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Products used: Dainese Team leather suit

Giorgio Lo Maglio
33 years - Quartu Sant' Elena, Italy

Crash: 30-08-2014 /  Autodromo del Mugello, Senni-San Carlo, 15, 50038 Scarperia e San Piero FI, Italia
My experience description happened in Mugello International Circuit in the last year riding my Ducati 848. Just outside Arrabiata 2 I was entering in Scarperia-Palagio turns when o...
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Products used: Dainese Professional Leather Suit Red Line, FULL METAL D1, Dainese Boots Rekord

Ray Carlone
29 years - Riverside, United States

Crash: 30-05-2015 /  Chuckwalla Valley Raceway, 25300 Rice Rd, Desert Center, CA 92239, Stati Uniti
May 30 2015, I was riding on Chuckwalla Valley Raceway in Southern California, a hot 102 degree F day. Three quarters the way through my third session I was entering turn three on ...
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Products used: GUANTO 4 STROKE EVO, ,

Christian Jansen
19 years - Cologne, Germany

Crash: 09-06-2014 /  Nideggen - North Rhine-Westphalia - Germany
My experience of Dainese was very positive. I had a lowside crash because my front wheel collapsed in case of too hard braking and some dirt on the street. I landed right on my sho...
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Products used: Dainese Aspide Div, AXIAL PRO IN, Dainese Druids ST, WAVE D1 AIR, CHEST L2

Benny Solis
20 years - North Hollywood, United States

Crash: 27-06-2015 /  Miller Motorsports Park, 2901 Sheep Lane, Tooele, UT 84074, United States
I had quite the fast get off during my qualifying session. It was pretty crazy because from the time I was up right to the time I hit the floor was super fast. But between the time...
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36 years - Denver, United States

Crash: 16-05-2015 /  Miller Motorsports Park 2901 Sheep Ln Tooele, UT 84074 United States
So this has to be the worst crash I've had in my 16 years of riding so far and it went like this..i had just been to moto station in salt lake city utah to buy race gas and a coupl...
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43 years - Barnet, United Kingdom

Crash: 02-04-2014 /  Station Rd - Barnet - United Kingdom
I was hit from the left-hand side by a car and knocked off my motorbike. I was wearing a D-Air Street which was deployed and protected me falling to the ground. I sustained a broke...
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Products used: D-air Street gilet, Dainese Jacket, Dainese trousers

Tyler Walczak
27 years - Toronto, Canada

Crash: 22-10-2014 /  Hwy 410 - Brampton - Ontario - Canada
Where to start!? Put 20 000km on bike in my first year *Last year* Living out in Canada it's tough to do with the winter so long! .. Went to TOTD twice, Rode Daytona Beach a bit ....
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Products used: Laguna seca professional leather suit, WAVE D1 AIR, Dainese boots

Anthony Brunelle
26 years - Arras, France

Crash: 10-05-2015 /  Circuit de Clastres, Clastres, Francia
chute sur piste a 180KM/H , la tête a tapé la première dans un bac à gravier après avoir été éjecté de la moto . Je n'ai aucune lésion cervicale ni crânienne grâce à mon super casque replica Guy Martin Corsa !! Merci AGV et merci Guy !!

48 years - Raleigh, United States

Crash: 26-06-2006 /  New Hampshire Motor Speedway
Quite a few times Dainese has saved my skin racing in the UK and US. One of the most memorable was a tremendous highside at Loudon's Turn 6 that got me a standing ovation from the ...
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Products used: Dainese professional leather suit, Dainese gloves

Christian Marron
24 years - Oceanside, United States

Crash: 19-05-2015 /  Pauma Valley - California - United States
Riding down hill through a left turn; I came across a group of bikers stopped and slightly in the road. I started to run wide through the turn, due to a decreasing radius and break...
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Products used: Laguna Seca professional leather suit

Rebecca White
23 years - Killarney Vale, Australia

Crash: 09-05-2015 /  The Old Pacific Hwy, Cowan, NSW, Australia 2081
I want to express my extensive thanks to Dainese for making the New BAP 2000 back protector. Last weekend (May 9th 2015) my partner (Jamie, 25yo) crashed his motorbike on the Old P...
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Products used: NEW BAP D1 8/9

55 years - Darien, United States

Crash: 12-07-2015 /  Beloit, Wisconsin, Stati Uniti
At my last track day another rider ran me off the track and clipped my bike with his, causing me to high side off my bike - I landed on my shoulder, head and hip/knee. Not only wa...
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Products used: Dainese Victoria leather suit, Dainese gloves, CORSA E2205 MULTI - VELOCITY ITALY

Abraham Bravo
29 years - Puebla, Mexico

Crash: 18-05-2015 /  Av Manuel Espinosa Yglesias - Heróica Puebla de Zaragoza - Puebla - Mexico
Estaba transitando en mi Ducati Monster 821 Dark, sobre una de de las avenidas más grandes de la ciudad. Iba por el carril derecho y al llegar a una esquina un Susuki Swift que ib...
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Gianfranco Di Salvo
51 years - Palermo, Italy

Crash: 03-02-2015 /  Via San Martino - Monreale - Sicilia - Italia
Incidente occorsomi il 3 febbraio 2015. Grazie alla mia giacca Ridder ho evitato il peggio grazie alle protezioni della spalla e dell'avanbraccio. Alla fine tutto si è risolto con 6 costole rotte e qualche escoriazione.

32 years - Backa Palanka, Serbia

Crash: 01-03-2009 /  Industrijska zona bb Bačka Planka 21400 Serbia
Get outside from the road and hit the defense on the side road. I was get lucky and wear AGV helmet and Dainese Leather jacket and pants.
Products used: AGV Ti-Tech

Zan Kolenc
24 years - Ziri, Slovenia

Crash: 14-02-2015 /  Zapreval - Zapreval - Škofja Loka - Slovenia
"Dear Dainese fans! Want to share, what I experienced with Dainese protection. On 14. Februar I went for a night carving, and on first run I fell and someone crashed directly into...
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Products used: ACTION WAVE PRO

30 years - London, United Kingdom

Crash: 05-05-2015 /  Silverstone Circuit - United Kingdom
over confident going into abbey and lost the front end!!
Products used: Dainese professional leather suit

30 years - Winfield, United States

Crash: 11-07-2015 /  Blackhawk Farms Raceway Llc, South Beloit, Illinois, Stati Uniti
I was at a track day at a new track. I came blazing through the straight and began braking to lean into turn 1. As I started to lean in another rider slammed into my swing arm, cau...
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Products used: Dainese Laguna Seca 1 Piece Suit, Dainese Druids ST Gloves, Dainese Back Protector, AGV Corsa Winter test 12 Helmet

Hrvoje Dombaj
40 years - Koprivnica, Croatia

Crash: 30-06-1996 /  Grobnik - Primorsko-goranska županija - Croatia
In mid 90´ I was compete in Croatia in 125 class...It was a war time in Croatia and one and only race track was Grobnik near Rijeka. It was time with no money...we have basic thin...
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Products used: Dainese professional leather suit

26 years - Bratislava, Slovakia

Crash: 06-12-2014 /  Strážske - Košice Region - Slovakia
It was my first season on bike when I took a ride to old friends to east part of Slovakia. I was following my friends car before me. There was another car before us, which suddenly...
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Products used: Super Speed C2 traforated jacket black-black-anthracite, DELTA PRO C2 PELLE ESTIVO

Hassan Al-Zahrani
50 years - Oxnard, United States

Crash: 04-02-2012 /  Maricopa Hwy, Ojai, CA 93023, United States
I rode a Harley Street 750, and I've found a dislike for much of the "cruiser" gear out there. Much of it is not as protective as you might find in sport oriented gear. I decided t...
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Products used: GUANTO 4 STROKE EVO

24 years - Tilburg, Netherlands

Crash: 18-09-2013 /  Gelrebaan, Tilburg, Nederland
I was riding on a roundabout in the rain, when I exited the roundabout to the right, the back of the bike started sliding, because I was an inexperienced rider back then, I coled t...
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Products used: CORSA E2205 MONO - MATT BLACK, Wave Air, Druids ST, Torque RS Out, LAGUNA SECA EVO DIV.

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