D-AIR® RACING Protection when you need it

D-air® Racing is the intelligent protective air-bag based system for motorbike riders on the track.

The range of products which use this air-bag system includes D-air® Racing Mugello, the top of the range made-to-measure suit in kangaroo leather and D-air® Racing Misano, the entry level suit in cowhide made in standard sizes.

For World Championship riders only, Dainese have also created D-air® Armor, the open platform air-bag based on D-air® technology.

D-air® Racing was designed to be used exclusively on the track and is not for road use.


The open platform to protect all World Championship riders

D-air® Armor is the new Dainese open platform air-bag based on D-air® technology. This innovative system is the result of over 15 years research by D-Tec® (Dainese Technology Centre) into the technology of air. D-air® Armor is an undergarment that is worn under a rider's racing suit and features an integrated D-air® air-bag.

The undergarment back protector houses the whole protection system - the electronics, the gas generator, the wiring, the battery and the GPS.

D-air® Armor is available for all World Championship riders. For the first time, all riders can take advantage of the safety guaranteed by the D-air® system, the same technology as used by official Dainese riders.


Intervention areas D-air® Racing works in synergy with the existing body armour in professional racing leathers, shielding the following areas of the rider’s body:


    The system brings the extra shoulder protection of an airbag tested according to the EN 1621-4 (Lev. 2).

  • 2 NECK

    D-air® Racing limits the inclination of the head in relation to the neck and reduces helmet movement during rolling.


    D-air® Racing reduces the risk of direct helmet impact on the collar bones.


Limit specified by standard EN 1621-1/12 for shoulder protectors Level 2 composite shoulder protector D-air® Racing / Armor


When compared to a Level 2 composite shoulder protector, D-Air® can reduce the impact force transmitted to the rider up to 90%.


D-air® Racing is designed to provide its additional protection in track use, recognising and activating in the event of:


Rider thrown from bike as a result of rear wheel slide followed by sudden recovery of traction (highsider).


Loss of front or rear wheel traction followed by rider rolling (lowsider).

In the event of a violent crash, D-air® can trigger in less than 15 milliseconds. When the crash dynamics are less sudden, the sophisticated triggering algorithm assesses conditions and can decide upon a longer triggering time. When the deployment conditions shown in the User Manual apply, the D-air® Racing airbag has a deployment time of 30 milliseconds and reaches its full protection level within 80 milliseconds.

Thanks to its intelligent triggering algorithm, D-air® Racing can assess the violence of a crash and only trigger when actually necessary in the scenarios considered above. It won’t, for example, trigger in falls at speeds of less than 50 km/h or when the crash dynamics don’t require the extra protection of an airbag.

TRIGGERING TIME = 15msD-air® Racing
The graph refers to air-bag inflation times when the deployment conditions shown in the User Manual apply




  • Triggering algorithm and diagnostics managed by dedicated firmware.
  • Three accelerometers.
  • Three gyroscopes.
  • A GPS.
  • 2 Gbyte internal memory.
  • User interface (LED).
  • Lithium polymer battery.


  • Dainese-patented 3D structure airbag.
  • High-pressure airbag with volume of 4 litres.
  • "Cold" technology gas generator.
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